Nature Lock* is a gutter cover system that is engineered to keep your gutters clog free from all of natures unwelcome debris. Nature Lock is a product that is designed to fit a first, or second row shingle system. It can even be fascia mounted for those who have metal, or slate roofs.

Nature Lock can be installed with new, or on existing gutters. With 27 colors available to choose from you can select the perfect color to enhance your homes curb appeal, also protecting and increasing overall value of your home.

If your home is surrounded by nature and your gutters are not protected, chances are, your gutters could be clogged.

Clogged gutters can lead to major problems such as, fascia and soffit damage, basement leaks, and foundation erosion. Clogged gutters could also cause your gutters to sag, and even fall from your house.

Eliminate the risk of water damage to your home with Nature Lock, a patented bracket and gutter cover system backed by a written lifetime warranty. So put away those unsafe ladders and stop paying out hundreds of dollars every year to have your gutters cleaned.

*Nature Lock is not sold as a critter control product, nor is it warranted to keep out critters/ squirrels. This product is manufactured and made to keep out natures unwelcome debris only, such as leaves, pine straw, and etc.